[Mimedefang] re: Mildly Off-Topic follow-up for Yahoo! Mail

WBrown at e1b.org WBrown at e1b.org
Tue Jan 15 09:15:20 EST 2008

Kevin wrote on 01/14/2008 07:11:57 PM:

> After quite a bit of work, I was able to get the following information 
> Yahoo! which will be helpful to those who fall under the ISP umbrella. I 

> would imagine if you qualify as an ISP, email 
> mail-abuse-bulk at cc.yahoo-inc.com and ask to have your CIDR ranges added 
> the Yahoo! Complaint Feedback Loop.
> I haven't seen if the feedback loop helps but this is the best response 
> gotten to date from Yahoo!.

Let us know how that works out for you.  I subscribe to the Listserv List 
Owners and Listserv Site Admins lists and the Yahoo feedback loop has been 
discussed there.  One thing you won't get is who reported the message as 
spam, and on mailing lists, too many people forget they requested and 
confirmed the subscription (double opt-in).  When they get sick of the 
messages, they don't unsubscribe, they report as spam.

Without knowing who reported you as sending spam, it is difficult to tell 
why it was reported.  Perhaps as server owners, there might be a useful 
detail in the report such as message id that we can grep the logs for 
which might help.  For most list owners and site admins, they are SOL as 
they may not have that access.

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