[Mimedefang] re: Mildly Off-Topic follow-up for Yahoo! Mail

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Mon Jan 14 19:11:57 EST 2008

After quite a bit of work, I was able to get the following information from 
Yahoo! which will be helpful to those who fall under the ISP umbrella.  I 
would imagine if you qualify as an ISP, email 
mail-abuse-bulk at cc.yahoo-inc.com and ask to have your CIDR ranges added to 
the Yahoo! Complaint Feedback Loop.

I haven't seen if the feedback loop helps but this is the best response I've 
gotten to date from Yahoo!.


* At this time, we would advise to please apply for the Yahoo! Complaint
Feedback Loop.

We are currently offering the Yahoo! Complaint Feedback Loop to senders
signing with DomainKeys, but we do have an exception for ISPs whereby we
can do it for an ISP's CIDR ranges.

In a nutshell, once enrolled in the CFL program, any Yahoo! user who
clicks on the "Spam" button for any email sent from your IPs or
DomainKey-signed email are forwarded to a specific address of your
designation. Ideally, this should help you detect and investigate
possible abusive users, botnets, and/or spam runs emanating from your

Please respond directly to this email if you would like us to send you
the Yahoo! Complaint Feedback Loop application. 

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