[Mimedefang] Multiple submission queues?

Hugh Messenger hugh.messenger at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 05:02:47 EST 2008

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 10:07 PM, John Nemeth <jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca> wrote:
>     I set my clientmqueue runner to five minutes, i.e.
> /usr/lib/sendmail -L sm-msp-queue -Ac -q5m .  Really, nothing should be
> in clientmqueue for any length of time unless the main daemon is not
> running or not responding in which case you have a problem.

My understanding of stream_by_recipient is that any message with more
than one rcpt is going to be queued to clientmqueue by MD, as per
David's response:

David F. Skoll wrote:
> MIMEDefang invokes "sendmail -Ac -odd" to stream messages, so you
> may be able to use multiple submission queues.

Each of my relays is passing through between 2k and 3k msgs per hour
(about 1% of the total connection attempts, after TrafficControl, MD
and SA do their jobs).  A significant number of those are to more than
one rcpt, each of which will generate as many submission queue entries
as there are rcpts.  No real way of even guesstimating the totals ...
some msgs might have 2 rcpts, some might have 20.  My gut feeling is
that I'll probably end up with about 3k/hour going thru the submission

Running a single submission queue runner at 5m can no doubt keep up,
but I'd still rather spread that load across multiple queues, like
five, each with their own runner at 30s.  I really want to a) keep the
latency down, and b) be able to drain those queues real fast if my
main customer mailbox cluster goes down, or any of my major downstream
domains go tits up, for any length of time.

I got sidetracked into SQL userprefs (now working, at least on the
test box), but I'll try playing with submit.cf and see if a wildcard
QUEUE_DIR directive works ... no reason it shouldn't.  And if it does,
sendmail should automagically spawn a runner for each subqueue.  I'll
let you know.

   -- hugh

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