[Mimedefang] pure whitelisting

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Aug 12 14:14:28 EDT 2008

On Nov 28,  1:10am, jef moskot wrote:
} On Tue, 12 Aug 2008, Paul Murphy wrote:
} > You need to read up on Perl string matching and regular expressions
} > before trying to include such checks in your filter - it can be a
} > minefield...
} I've done a smallish amount of this and I completely agree.
} I was prepared for most of the issues you brought up, but you had some
} good tips there, thank you.
} I actually found the error in a completely different place.  I had cut and
} pasted something else I found which used "eq" instead of "=" on this
} line...
} my($sender, $hostip, $hostname, $helo) = @_;
} That pretty much killed any chance I had of matching anything to anything.
} I'd still like a way to actually peek at the variables to see if anything
} bizarre is going on (it would have saved me a lot of time this morning),
} but for now I'm moving on to other issues.

     You can add lines like this to your filter:

#md_syslog("debug", $QueueID . ", DEBUG: entering filter_end");

Just change the message appropriate and uncomment, i.e.:

md_syslog("debug", $QueueID . ", DEBUG: $sender is: " . $sender);

     Also, I noted that you were quoting your strings with ".  If you
use ', then the metacharacters won't have any meaning.

}-- End of excerpt from jef moskot

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