[Mimedefang] ADMINISTRIVIA: Out-of-office replies

Jan-Pieter Cornet johnpc at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 6 17:09:26 EDT 2007

On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 03:35:13PM -0400, Cormack, Ken wrote:
> We use Exchange here.  :/
> I'm thinking of something like this, in filter_end()

Way too conservative. I'd go for something like this:

sub filter_end {
    my $entity = shift;

    my $head = $entity->head();
    if (     $head->get('Subject')  =~ /^Out of Office AutoReply:/
         and $head->get('X-Mailer') =~ /^Internet Mail Service/ 
	 and relayed_from_inside() 
	 and message_going_outside() )
	# it's an internal MS out of office autoreply, going out.
	# optionally: flog the sender/sending IP.
	return action_discard();

message_going_outside would return true if one of the @Recipients
isn't @your.local.domain, I'm sure you can come up with that yourself.

As an added bonus, you won't be sending out-of-office backscatter to
the innocent victims that are being joejobbed by the spammers that
pass your filters.

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