[Mimedefang] ADMINISTRIVIA: Out-of-office replies

Cormack, Ken ken.cormack at roadway.com
Thu Sep 6 16:37:28 EDT 2007

> Since you have to set a variable in your filter for that to work, you
> could just as easily go to
> http://lists.roaringpenguin.com/mailman/listinfo/mimedefang and suspend
> delivery while you are away.

I thought about that, but I susbscribe to several other lists (BIND9,
several job and hobby-related lists, etc) as well, and if I code them all
into my filter, and just toggle my single flag between 0 and 1, I don't have
to suspend deliveries (or unsubscribe), and I get all my list emails waiting
for me when I get back.

	if ( $recip =~ /roaringpenguin\.com/i
	  || $recip =~ /isc\.org/i
	  || $recip =~ /whatever... )


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