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Cormack, Ken ken.cormack at roadway.com
Wed Oct 31 08:36:38 EDT 2007

> I have been doing a lot of research trying to figure out this problem.  
> I have not been able to figure out the whole check process thing yet.  
> But, I have figured out that md_graphdefang_log is logging to the mail 
> facility where md_syslog logs to some other facility which goes to my 
> /var/log/messages file.

The attached perl script might help you confirm that syslog.conf is
configure as needed/expected.  The script understands the way levels and
facilities work in syslog.conf, and will show you a complete listing of what
facilities, at each, will go to what logs.  Pipe the output to "pg" or to a
file, to review your syslog.con configuration.

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