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Jeff Grossman jeff at stikman.com
Tue Oct 30 20:57:55 EDT 2007

I have been doing a lot of research trying to figure out this problem.  
I have not been able to figure out the whole check process thing yet.  
But, I have figured out that md_graphdefang_log is logging to the mail 
facility where md_syslog logs to some other facility which goes to my 
/var/log/messages file.

I am running this on Debian testing.  I compiled MIMEDefang from 
source..  I have used the Debian versions of the perl requirements.

When I first restart MIMEDefang, everything gets logged to the mail 
facility.  Then after about 5-10 minutes, the whole check process comes 
into play and the logging changes to what I described above.

Any ideas?


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I just installed Debian testing this week from a Gentoo system.  
Everything was logging correctly until today.  My logs for MIMEDefang 
were logging as.

Oct 28 04:15:02 apple mimedefang.pl[12585]: greylist: white; 0; 
82.118.211.*; x; *@stikman.com;

Those are put into my /var/log/maillog log file.

But, starting today, the logs are now looking like this.

Oct 28 09:44:18 apple check[5889]: greylist: white; 0; 70.103.162.*; 
x; *@stikman.com;

And, the lines are now put in /var/log/messages.

If you notice it says the process is now check instead of mimedefang.pl 
sending the output.  How come that changed?  I have restarted mimedefang 
and sysklogd, but no change.

Any help would be appreciated.

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