[Mimedefang] Mimedefang 2.64-Beta-1 build Notes

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Thu Oct 4 14:29:23 EDT 2007

Hi, Dale,

> We try to keep our source area and build area or object area
> separate. To do this we use Make's VPATH features.  I relealize that
> on some remote system there is a make that doesn’t do VPATH,
> so you might be reluctant to take advantage of this configuration.
> We find it tremendously useful.  Sure would be nice if your
> Makefile.in accomodated $(srcdir) and perhaps $(top_srcdir)
> variables in addition to setting VPATH.  Many of the other
> autoconf'd and automake'd applications seem to do this quite well.

OK... I'm not familiar with this.  Could you send me (off-list) an
example (or even better a patch? :-))

> In configure.in there exists a macro for determining whether
> libmilter needs libsm.  This macro appears to be correct.
> But this macro, MD_MILTER_SM, is never called.  Instead
> an approach that doesn’t work quite as well is used.

Actually, I'm thinking of removing all that cruft.  Modern libmilters
do not need libsm and I don't know if it's worth supporting ancient ones.

> Also in configure.in there exists a macro for determining
> whether libsm needs libldap.  This macro is named MD_SM_LDAP.
> It is called only from MD_MILTER_SM .  But because
> MD_MILTER_SM is never called, MD_SM_LDAP is never called.

I'll look into fixing it.  To be honest, configure.in more-or-less
accreted features until it "worked for me".  It probably needs
an overhaul.

> These notes are only to help improve a great piece of software.
> They are not to be taken as a critique of skills or suitability.
> I am very grateful for the work that has obviously gone into this
> software.

I appreciate any feedback that helps improve MIMEDefang.



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