[Mimedefang] Mimedefang 2.64-Beta-1 build Notes

Dale Moore Dale.Moore at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Oct 4 14:09:49 EDT 2007

I built mimedefang for first time.
I am building it for Solaris 9, Solaris 10, Redhat Fedora Core 5 (32 and 64),
and Fedora 7 (32 and 64).
I am testing to see how it might fit into our email environment.
Here are some notes about this novice build/install procedure.

Solaris 9 problem with mimedefang.c and AF_LOCAL .
I see that this has been covered earlier on this mailing list.
No further comment necessary.

We try to keep our source area and build area or object area
separate. To do this we use Make's VPATH features.  I relealize that
on some remote system there is a make that doesn’t do VPATH,
so you might be reluctant to take advantage of this configuration.
We find it tremendously useful.  Sure would be nice if your
Makefile.in accomodated $(srcdir) and perhaps $(top_srcdir)
variables in addition to setting VPATH.  Many of the other
autoconf'd and automake'd applications seem to do this quite well.

In configure.in there exists a macro for determining whether
libmilter needs libsm.  This macro appears to be correct.
But this macro, MD_MILTER_SM, is never called.  Instead
an approach that doesn’t work quite as well is used.
This works for me is in the macro MD_MILTER_SM
   AC_MSG_CHECKING(whether libmilter must be linked with libsm)
   RESULT=`$NM $LIBMILTER | fgrep sm_strlcpy`
   if test -z "$RESULT" ; then

But that macro is never called.  What is used and does not work for me is
   AC_MSG_CHECKING(whether libmilter must be linked with libsm)
   $AR -t $LIBMILTER | fgrep strl.o > /dev/null 2>&1
   if test "$?" = 0 ; then

Also in configure.in there exists a macro for determining
whether libsm needs libldap.  This macro is named MD_SM_LDAP.
It is called only from MD_MILTER_SM .  But because
MD_MILTER_SM is never called, MD_SM_LDAP is never called.

These notes are only to help improve a great piece of software.
They are not to be taken as a critique of skills or suitability.
I am very grateful for the work that has obviously gone into this

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