[Mimedefang] action_replace_with_url

Roland Pope rpope at jadeworld.com
Mon Nov 12 17:45:20 EST 2007

-ray wrote:
> Jim,
> We are a higher ed site and use action_replace_with_url for 
> attachments larger than 4 megs.  The biggest rationale for doing so 
> was when students or faculty would mail a 30meg pdf/ppt to all 50 
> students in the class. Disk goes pretty fast like that.  We didn't 
> have any real arguments against.  We keep the attachments online for 
> 30 days.
> The only complaint is that we don't preserve the original filename.  
> I'm sure this could be done in MD, just haven't had time to code a 
> patch for it. :)
> ray
We use cyrus-imapd and 'singleinstancestore' to deal with the issue of 
large attachments sent to multiple users as it creates one file and 
hardlinks all the copies into it.
Overall, on our mailserver is has saved us around 20% of disk space.
Can be an issue though if your backup software doesn't restore hardlinks 
and you have to reload the whole filesystem :)


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