[Mimedefang] action_replace_with_url

-ray ray at ops.selu.edu
Mon Nov 12 17:27:46 EST 2007

On Mon, 12 Nov 2007, Jim McCullars wrote:

> Hi, I'm wondering if any sites use the action_replace_with_url function in
> MD to keep large attachments out of inboxes.  I'm particularly interested
> in any higher ed sites running MD that do this.  If you don't mind, please
> share your rationale for doing so, how you handled arguments against, and
> your experience overall.  Thanks!


We are a higher ed site and use action_replace_with_url for attachments 
larger than 4 megs.  The biggest rationale for doing so was when students 
or faculty would mail a 30meg pdf/ppt to all 50 students in the class. 
Disk goes pretty fast like that.  We didn't have any real arguments 
against.  We keep the attachments online for 30 days.

The only complaint is that we don't preserve the original filename.  I'm 
sure this could be done in MD, just haven't had time to code a patch for 
it. :)

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