Blastwave "quality" (was Re: [Mimedefang] tmpfs file system full)

Ahmad Cheikh-Moussa acm at
Sat Mar 31 13:31:36 EDT 2007

Hi Guys,

On Mar 30, 07, David F. Skoll wrote:
> Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
> > Why this lack of faith?
> Take a look at their (poor, incomplete, buggy) reimplementation of
> apt-get (aka pkg-get).
> Also, I've filed bugs on several packages only to be told "it's not a
> bug; go away."
blastwave packages are not perfect, but sometimes useful.

I have build now mimedefang on my own and use 2.61.
With this version I do not have any further problems.
The files are removed at the end of the scan.


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