[Mimedefang] SpamAssassin and using a local SpamHaus zone DNS server

Jim McCullars jim at info.uah.edu
Thu Mar 29 10:00:50 EDT 2007

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, -ray wrote:

> to say that we use spamhaus as a dnsbl in sendmail to outright block IPs
> on the Spamhaus SBL/XBL list.  In over 2 years and a few 100k messages a
> day, I think we've had 2 complaints.  And Spamhaus is the ONLY list i
> trust as a sendmail dnsbl.  Others may have a different experience, but

   Yes, we have been using them as a sendmail dnsbl for some time also,
and with very good results.

> we've had very good experience from Spamhaus.  When they wanted to start
> charging for the service, my boss simply said "How much? Pay them."

   I became aware that I needed to start subscribing to their service
after seeing some traffic in the hied-admins mailing list.  My boss had
exactly the same attitude.

Jim McCullars
University of Alabama in Huntsville

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