[Mimedefang] Using spamassassin with MySQL

Dave Helton dave.helton at hughesnt.net
Sun Aug 26 22:59:59 EDT 2007

This sounds vaguely familiar...

I had a regex that triggered on USER_IN_WHITELIST_TO, instead of

if(($names =~ /USER_IN_WHITELIST/) \
&& !($names=~ /USER_IN_WHITELIST_TO/)) { do something... }

The other possibility is SA not picking up on a new address.
This cured my problems with that;

	{username=>$username_derived_from _email}

There is a small price in terms of processing time to gleen
the local username from the email and passing that to SA.

I'll send you my kludge if you like.



On Sun, 2007-08-26 at 20:05 +0100, Dan Massey wrote:

> I have 2 domains on the test server. One (domainA) of which has a
> whitelist_from (myaddress.com) entry, the other (domainB) does not. When I
> email from myaddress.com to domainB all seems well, the required_score is
> read correctly and the mail is scored and passed on. If I then send to
> domainA from myaddress.com, the USER_IN_WHITELIST is triggered, the correct
> required_score is used and all is well. Now when I repeat the domainB email,
> the USER_IN_WHITELIST is triggered again! This behaviour continues until I
> restart the multiplexor.

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