[Mimedefang] Using spamassassin with MySQL

Dan Massey dan at gconnect.net
Sun Aug 26 15:05:51 EDT 2007

Hi John

Thanks for that, I wasn't looking for the right phrase!

I've followed the lists, made my config and alls well with one minor glitch,
which I will explain:

I have 2 domains on the test server. One (domainA) of which has a
whitelist_from (myaddress.com) entry, the other (domainB) does not. When I
email from myaddress.com to domainB all seems well, the required_score is
read correctly and the mail is scored and passed on. If I then send to
domainA from myaddress.com, the USER_IN_WHITELIST is triggered, the correct
required_score is used and all is well. Now when I repeat the domainB email,
the USER_IN_WHITELIST is triggered again! This behaviour continues until I
restart the multiplexor.

This is mentioned in the list, but does not seem to be the same problem
here. I am using version 2.62 if that is relevant.
Any suggestions wuld be gratefully accepted.

Dan Massey

On 23/8/07 13:48, "John Nemeth" <jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca> wrote:

> On Jan 13,  6:49am, Dan Massey wrote:
> } 
> } After fruitlessly trawling the net looking for info, I hope that someone on
> } the list can help me.
> } 
> } I would like to use spamassassin via MimeDefang with MySQL user prefs. The
> } spamassassin docs refer to using spamc with -x flag to enable MySQL lookups.
> } As we don't call spamc, I was hoping someone could offer some advice or
> } point me at the correct documentation?
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