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Paul Murphy Paul.Murphy at ArgentaDiscovery.com
Sat Sep 30 15:18:33 EDT 2006


>    I've implemented and managed a number of GroupWise systems over the 
> past 10 years, and I've not seen this issue in *modern* GroupWise. You 
> didn't specify the VERSION of GroupWise, so I'll assume you have GroupWise 
> v7.0.1, the latest.

>    While the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) has some definite problems 
> adhering to some of the RFCs, those affect what it *sends* more than what 
> it receives. I've fronted GWIA with a sendmail/MD combination and never 
> seen an issue handling multiple inlines like you say.

>    I suspect that either you have a really old version of GroupWise, or 
> you the real problem is the software generating the E-Mails you're 
> modifying.

It is GWIA 7.0 - the incoming messages are ending up in the GWPROB directory, and are reported as bad messages.  If I remove one of the inline attachments and re-submit the message, it is delivered correctly.

At first I suspected an issue with the mail content rather than with GWIA, but one of the cases is a newsletter from dabs.com which I also receive at home via Sendmail/MIMEDefang and Exchange.  It has no issue going through these systems, and dabs.com probably sends a million messages per week, so any standards issue with their messages would be picked up fairly quickly.

It doesn't help that I can find very little detail on Novell's site about what is supported or which areas have known issues....

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