[Mimedefang] Question on remote ports

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Tue Sep 19 11:11:50 EDT 2006

Eric Ewanco wrote:
> Hi, I just discovered MIMEDefang and I had some questions about its use.
> What I want to do is discard spams above a certain spam score, but not 
> all spams.  The problem I am running into now is that although 
> SpamAssassin supports adding a header with the spam score, it does not 
> work for me.
> My configuration is unusual in that I do not run SpamAssassin on the 
> same machine I run Sendmail.  I saw some posts that seemed to indicate 
> that MIMEDefang might support this but the HOWTO I read was not helpful 
> in this regard.  I couldn't even tell from the HOWTO how you are 
> supposed to run MIMEDefang.  (The chapter on installation showed 
> invoking it for testing but didn't show, as far as I could tell, whether 
> you ran it as a daemon and, if so, how.)

MIMEDefang, like most other milters I know of, runs as a daemon on the 
same host as sendmail.  You *might* be able to run MD on a different 
host than sendmail, IIRC the milter interface allows this.  Check the 
sendmail docs.

MIMEDefang, by default, uses SA as a Perl library.  This means that none 
of SA's settings for adding header(s) or encapsulating the spam will do 
anything.  To use SA's settings, you have to either call the 
spamassassin "binary", or spamc (which passes the message to spamd for 

IIRC someone came up with a patch for MD to use spamc/spamd instead of 
calling the SA libraries directly;  check back through the list archives.


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