[Mimedefang] Question on remote ports

Eric Ewanco eje at ewanco.com
Mon Sep 18 17:00:35 EDT 2006

Hi, I just discovered MIMEDefang and I had some questions about its use.

What I want to do is discard spams above a certain spam score, but not 
all spams.  The problem I am running into now is that although 
SpamAssassin supports adding a header with the spam score, it does not 
work for me.

My configuration is unusual in that I do not run SpamAssassin on the 
same machine I run Sendmail.  I saw some posts that seemed to indicate 
that MIMEDefang might support this but the HOWTO I read was not helpful 
in this regard.  I couldn't even tell from the HOWTO how you are 
supposed to run MIMEDefang.  (The chapter on installation showed 
invoking it for testing but didn't show, as far as I could tell, whether 
you ran it as a daemon and, if so, how.)

I'd like to be sure MIMEDefang can serve my needs before I download it 
and install it.  Can anyone give me some ideas?


Eric Ewanco

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