[Mimedefang] Where is my "quota exceeded" message?

Roberto Machado racm at centroin.com.br
Mon Mar 13 17:18:24 EST 2006

Hi, Jim!

Thanks for you reply!

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Jim McCullars wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Roberto Machado wrote:
>> 1) first I configured quotas in my filesystem, and I'm  using
>> procmail, so everything should be straightforward. And actually works,
>> but when I get bounces, sendmail returns simply:
>>     ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
>> <user at domain.com>
>>      (reason: Can't create output)
>   Is procmail your local delivery agent, or is it mail.local or something
> similar?  sendmail can only report the error that the local mailer reports
> to it.

  Yes, procmail is my local mailer (meaning, that I use
  FEATURE(local_procmail)dnl in my .mc). That's what bugs me: the
  procmail response is being suupressed somehow.

>> how to implement quotas through Mimedefang, doing the right thing
>> (i.e,, rejecting the bad recipient in the smtp recipient envelope
>> message)?
>   That may not be possible.  The MAIL command has a SIZE parameter, but
> unless the remote MTA uses it, you won't know how big the message is until
> you have accepted it (for possibly multiple recipients).  Furthermore,
> unless you are running a Unix flavor that has compartmental security
> (Solaris 10 comes to mind), the defang user may not be able to check other
> users' quotas.  And I would not recommend running MD as the superuser.

  I see, but what I had in mind was a simple check performed upon the
  "rcpt to" received at the smtp conversation. Resolve the address for
  a mailbox, if that mailbox is over a threshold, reject that
  recipient. There, you don't need to implement quotas at the
  filesystem level, and if you're unlucky the user will have exceeded
  his limit only for confMAX_MESSAGE_SIZE. I know this might not be
  the right place to put this check, it could have problemas to
  implement (like addresses which resolve for multiple users, what
  happens to be tha case with aliases), but todays demands make more
  important to reject the message as soon as you can. Anyway,
  Mimedefang design seems to lack the functionality of dealing with
  Milter hooks on-the-fly. Am I wrong?

Best regard,


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