[Mimedefang] Noting "may be forged" and IP-only HELO in filter_end

Dirk the Daring dirk at psicorps.org
Sat Mar 11 10:23:39 EST 2006

   As I understand it, different MIMEDefang instances (slaves) may
handle a given E-Mail as it progresses from "early" functions (e.g.
filter_helo, filter_sender, filter_recipient) to the "later" functions
(e.g. filter_begin, filter, filter_multipart, filter_end) that are all
handed by one instance,

   I'm wondering if anyone has a low-cost mthods of passing the fact
that a particular incoming E-Mail had an IP-only HELO (I flatly REJECT
any HELO that is not an FQDN or that's otherwise obviously bogus - such
as my own IP address or Domain Name), or detecting that sendmail thinks
the HELO might be forged (as it notes in the "Received: from" header).
I'd like to use the information in filter_end, but I don't have the HELO
string (which I analyzed back in "filter_recipient" and would prefer not
to "pay" to extract from the headers and analyze again) and I'm not sure
how to detect the "may be forged" indication from sendmail, since I
don't think that header is available in filter_end.

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