[Mimedefang] Greylist Exclusions

Cormack, Ken ken.cormack at roadway.com
Thu Mar 9 16:33:17 EST 2006

A separate table could be used to hold "whitelist" data, by IP/segment.
Then your greylisting code could first perform a lookup of the relaying IP
in the whitelist table.  If found there, skip the resto of your greylisting
logic.  Else, fall through to the rest of your logic and handle the
greylisting/tempfailing as you currently do.  That's what I do (along with
tossing an entry into the log to indicate the exemption from greylisting.)


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I have been running a Mimedefang Integrated MySQL variation of greylisting 
now for the past 3-4 months, which has dropped the amount of SPAM we have to

reject after the DATA phase by 3 quarters!
However, I am getting requests from users who want to have particular sender

domains excluded from the greylisting.
Does anyone have any ideas as to the best way to go about this?
I know I could do a
sub filter_sender {
    if $sender =~ /\@bypassgreylist.co.nz>?$/i {

But is there a better way of bypassing greylisting for selected sending 


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