[Mimedefang] Sendmail 8.13.7 relased

Cormack, Ken ken.cormack at roadway.com
Wed Jun 14 16:41:30 EDT 2006

> I'm not sure.  I'd have to study the Sendmail source code to see if
> MIMEDefang gets the original, raw body, or the body after Sendmail
> has done 8->7 conversion.

If it's faster to get the answer from a smaller piece of code, sendmail has
posted a small milter of their own
(ftp://ftp.sendmail.org/pub/sendmail/nesting-filter-1.0.0.tar.gz), to screen
out emails with deeply-nested parts.  Would grokking the code for this be
faster than sendmail, and still provide the needed insight?


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