[Mimedefang] Out of Memory Issues

Matthew.van.Eerde at hbinc.com Matthew.van.Eerde at hbinc.com
Mon Jun 12 12:26:33 EDT 2006

Gary McLean wrote:
> Do I need more memory on my server?

Yes.  Well, it depends on how much mail you need to process, but very likely.
> Mem:    254848k total,   238960k used,    15888k free,    49280k

256MB is not enough, I don't think.

> Perl = 5.8.5
> SpamAssassin=3.1.2
> MimeDefang=2.56

Those are all fine.

Are you running any custom rulesets? (RulesDuJour, BigEvil, etc.)  Those can really inflate the size of a SpamAssassin object.

If your MIMEDefang threads spend a fair amount of their time doing things besides calling SpamAssassin, you might profit from my have-MIMEDefang-use-spamc/spamd hack:


... but 256MB is on the low side.

Are you running a tmpfs file system for the spool directory?

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