[Mimedefang] Checking SPAM first before virus

Mathew Thomas mathew.thomas at rmit.edu.au
Mon Jun 12 19:29:04 EDT 2006


Mail gateway with Solaris 9 with Sendmail 8-13.6 + Mimedefang 2.44 +
SpamAssassin 2.64 + Uvscan+ClamAV.
The number of SPAM mail we are getting has doubled in the last 6 months
and it is overloading the geteways. We drop about 150,000 spam mail 
(100%SPAM) and 2000 to 5000 virus mail per day. 

Is it a good idea to check the SPAM first before checking the virus?
Hope this can reduce some load on our gateways. What have I to do check
the SPAM first on our existing installation without doing any


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