[Mimedefang] What is the order of things that occur

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
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Thank you,

Being relatively new to Perl and completely new to MimeDefang, any example 
helps me understand both. All of my threads, so far, seem to turn in to very 
long lengths, but the various opinions and ideas make me consider the many 
ways, right or wrong, to do the same thing.

I am most thankful to all.


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> Steve,
> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Jan-Pieter,
>> Thanks and wow!
> however you can easily code your
> filter_recipient() subroutine to accept and queue the mail if the
> primary server doesn't respond.  there are obvious downsides to doing
> this (like having to accept mail for unknown users and then probably
> generating DSNs for them) but it can be done.
> I have something like this in my backup MX's filter:
>        my ($answer,$msg) = md_check_against_smtp_server($from,$to,
> "backup_mx_hostname", $check_mail_server);
>        $answer = 'CONTINUE' if ($answer eq 'TEMPFAIL');
>        return($answer,$msg) if ($answer ne 'CONTINUE');
> after this I do greylisting routines, you could just as easily just
> return ($answer,$msg) there w/o the conditional and that would queue up
> the mail.
> ...lots of snippage...
> anyways, hope this helps.
> Alan
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