[Mimedefang] GraphDefang question

Manoj Srivastava srivasta at ieee.org
Sun Dec 3 11:22:12 EST 2006


        I now have graphdefang set up as a cron job generating pretty
 graphs of incoming Spam. The very first graph is of Spam, Probable
 Spam, Viruses, and Mail In -- and the Probable Spam number is always

        So I am not recording some event -- what exactly is
 graphdefang looking for? Is it affected by the two optional
 parameters in md_graphdefang_log?

        I also do grey listing -- perhaps all my unsure mails are
 greylisted? It would be nice to have a category for all mail temp
 failed, so if I understood what drives graphdefang, perhaps I could
 add a  md_graphdefang_log statement in my filter.


ps. my filter is at:
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