[Mimedefang] Image validator/OCR SA plugin

Martin Blapp mb at imp.ch
Sun Apr 23 02:21:04 EDT 2006


> be something to be gained by running the OCR scan from mimdefang?
> The idea would be to run the scan, and if sufficient text results
> (I'd hesitate to suggest that a quick spelling scan would be run on
> the result, but that is a possibility) that this text is written
> by MdF into a new text attachment.  The message is then reformulated
> and passed to Spamassassin.  The advantage of this approach is that
> SA (and rules du jour) already have rules for catching things like
> pharma and stock scam e-mail, so the normal scoring should catch these

Hmm, the SA and rules du jour stock and obfu rules suck ;-) Beside that,
I also match some words which are 100% legitimate. And the OCR words
are often truncated so one must match those too.

> things.  Also this approach would work on versions of SA prior to 3.1.1.
> There is a design decision as to whether the OCR'd text attachment should
> remain in the message and then be delivered to the user, or whether it
> would only be kept if SA scores the message as spam.

If you add the OCR'd text attachment to the message you'll have to resend
the whole message. Not a good idea IMHO.


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