[Mimedefang] Image validator/OCR SA plugin

Gary Funck gary at intrepid.com
Sat Apr 22 15:50:32 EDT 2006

Late follow-up to this thread ... was wondering if there might
be something to be gained by running the OCR scan from mimdefang?
The idea would be to run the scan, and if sufficient text results
(I'd hesitate to suggest that a quick spelling scan would be run on
the result, but that is a possibility) that this text is written
by MdF into a new text attachment.  The message is then reformulated
and passed to Spamassassin.  The advantage of this approach is that
SA (and rules du jour) already have rules for catching things like
pharma and stock scam e-mail, so the normal scoring should catch these
things.  Also this approach would work on versions of SA prior to 3.1.1.
There is a design decision as to whether the OCR'd text attachment should
remain in the message and then be delivered to the user, or whether it
would only be kept if SA scores the message as spam.

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