[Mimedefang] slaves stuck in recipok

-ray ray at ops.selu.edu
Tue Oct 4 21:49:07 EDT 2005


My md slaves seem to be getting stuck during recipok, hanging, and soon i 
have no free slaves.  They eventually finish but take way too long to 
keep up with mail flow.  Any idea where to start looking for the problem? 

45 B 13256 (recipok <sschrock at selu.edu>)
46 B 13257 (recipok <askref at selu.edu>)
47 B 13259 (recipok <april.brock at selu.edu>)
48 B 13342 (recipok <jennifer.thevenot at selu.edu>)
49 B 13344 (recipok <W0273456 at SELU.EDU>)
50 B 13349 (recipok <charity.gomez at selu.edu>)
51 B 13350 (recipok <w0274745 at selu.edu>)
52 B 13351 (recipok <careerservices at selu.edu>)
53 B 13356 (recipok <w0101401 at selu.edu>)
54 B 13378 (recipok <lhymel at selu.edu>)
55 B 13381 (scan /sendmail/mqueue/MIMEDefang//mdefang-j951iX1t025806)
56 B 13384 (recipok <ISTU45646 at SELU.EDU>)
57 B 13389 (recipok <laci.marchand at selu.edu>)
58 B 13394 (recipok <colleen.angerdina at selu.edu>)
59 B 13395 (recipok <charity.gomez at selu.edu>)

[root at norm logs]# md-mx-ctrl slaveinfo 53
Slave 53
State Busy
PID 13356
NumRequests 77
NumScans 18
Age 1101
StatusTag recipok <w0101401 at selu.edu>

Ray DeJean  				       	 http://www.r-a-y.org
Systems Engineer                    Southeastern Louisiana University
IBM Certified Specialist  	      AIX Administration, AIX Support

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