[Mimedefang] Auto whitelist configuration

Todd Aiken todd.aiken at ubishops.ca
Tue Oct 4 15:06:47 EDT 2005

Just updated to latest MIMEDefang and SpamAssassin, and am now getting
the following error in my log files:

Oct  4 15:01:16 JUNO mimedefang-multiplexor[9796]: Slave 4 stderr:
auto-whitelist: open of auto-whitelist file failed: locker: safe_lock:
cannot create tmp lockfile
/root/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist.lock.JUNO.ubishops.ca.18565 for
/root/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist.lock: Permission denied

I checked the list archives, and saw that this parameter can be
configured using the parameter "auto_whitelist_path", but I've tried
entering these into my /etc/mail/sa-mimedefang.cfg and
/etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf files, but the path doesn't seem to
change no matter which file put it in.  (Trying to move it to

I can get it to work in /root/.spamassassin, but I have to "chmod 755
/root", which I really don't want to do.

CU L8R...

Todd A. Aiken
Systems Analyst - Administrator
ITS Department
Lennoxville, Quebec, CANADA

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