[Mimedefang] Adding footers or signatures to all outgoing email

Jason Gurtz jason at jasongurtz.com
Fri Jul 15 12:54:18 EDT 2005

On 7/8/2005 22:03, Lisa Casey wrote:

> I'm also open to ideas about drawbacks to this idea (i.e., why I shouldn't 
> do it!).

I think it's obnoxious too.  The legal disclaimer type are worthless and
advertising?  I switched news providers because they were advertising in
my posts.

Some one else mentioned the cruft building up in replies and so on.  My
opinion is that it's a problem between chair and keyboard.  However, if
you do go ahead with your blurb, due to PHB or whatever, you could write a
little function to strip instances out of messages by delimiting the start
and end of your blurb.  Starting with sigdashes "-- " and ending with the
reverse " --" would seem to be fairly unique and unlikely to colide with
any legitamate content.  A small regex that matched that starting and
ending marks with some of the content would seem to be reliable.

A useful side effect would be that good mailreaders can be configured to
"strip from sigdashes" on reply, and even better, "strip from sigdashes"
on view. :)



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