[Mimedefang] Upgrade annoyance

Charles cg-list at sterlingideas.com
Fri Jul 15 09:06:04 EDT 2005

I just upgraded my production filter server from MD 2.43 to 2.52 and SA 
to 3.0.4.  While the upgrade worked well, I am left with one annoyance. 
  I usually log the tests that hit on spam via this in my filter:

md_graphdefang_log('spam_tests', $hits, $names);

Since the upgrade, the $names variable expands to having a %2C instead 
of a comma between the test names as in:


Now I recognize that 2C is the ASCII code for a comma, but I don't know 
why it's coming through in that form.  I'm guessing there's something in 
my Perl that might be off, but I'm hoping someone here might know a 
little better where to look.


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