[Mimedefang] Question about add_recipient

Cormack, Ken Ken.Cormack at roadway.com
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That's the long-term fix.  Unfortunately, there are about 400+ scripts and
programs in which the original pager address was directly coded.  It'll take
time for the programmer to update all those locations in the code.  Several
things such as you suggest were already discussed with the developer.  Such
as "define the recipients in an environment file, then have your programs
email the referenced recipients - one file to update/edit if changes are
ever needed."

Remember that people think independently from the smtp relay admin.  They
write their code without consulting me, and don't need my permission to do
their own thing, in this regard.  I get called when they have problems after
the fact, but they don't ask "what's the best way to do this?" before-hand.

As for why I don't use an alias...

A) I needed to prevent double-interpretation in the event one of my servers
has to hand-off to the other (sendmail's confFALLBACK_MX capability, which
we use)

B) I don't like aliasing an email address that is not of my own domain (it's
our paging vendor's domain, ergo it's their address, ergo I shouldn't be
mucking with it)

C) We have the option to perform other manipulations (such as calling
"remove_redundant_html_parts" to all outbound mail destined to our pagers),
and so on.



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> I have been asked to find a way to have alerts that are emailed to a
> particular pager automatically copied to two other engineer's pager email
> addresses.

This looks like a job for /etc/aliases. Instead of publishing the raw pager 
account, publish an alias. You can then copy mail for that alias to as many 
mailboxes as you want.

I can never remember my pager number, so I just put an easy-to-remember 
alias in my alias file, and add my regular email to that so that if I miss 
a page from poor reception, I still see it in my regular mailbox, which I 
check fairly frequently.

Something like:

pager-ken: 1234567 at pagercompany.com, ken

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