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Tue Jan 11 13:55:41 EST 2005


The incident with one recipient getting two copies may have been a fluke.  I
can only find one occurance of the affected recipient's email address in my
maillog, for that test message.  And that log entry refers to the added
address only once.

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I have been asked to find a way to have alerts that are emailed to a
particular pager automatically copied to two other engineer's pager email
addresses.  I'm experimenting with the following code snippet, and would
like to see if someone can explain an anomaly I'm seeing...

In sub filter_end, I'm doing the following:

    foreach $recip(@Recipients) {
        if ($recip =~ /pager1\@pagingvendor\.net/i) {
            add_recipient ('pager2 at');
            add_recipient ('pager3 at');

When we sent a test-page to pager #1.  Pager #3 received one copy (as
expected), but pager #2 received TWO copies of the test page.  Looking at
the description of the "add_recipient" function in `man mimedefang-filter`,
it is unclear whether successive calls to this function would cause the
glitch that I'm seeing.

Can anyone explain why I am seeing TWO copies sent to the first added
recipient, and how I may stop that from happening?


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