[Mimedefang] Need to upgrade MD on Red Hat 8.0 and 7.3

Kelson kelson at speed.net
Tue Jan 4 14:09:41 EST 2005

Ronald Vazquez NLM wrote:
> Is any member of this list successfuly running MIMEDefang-2.49 on
> either Red Hat 8.0 or 7.3?  I need to know if there are any issues
> which I need to work out prior to my MIMEDefang upgrade.

Works fine on RH 7.3, though that's with a locally-compiled Sendmail. 
I've also upgraded some Perl modules through CPAN, and I have to use 
restart instead of reload when updating SA rules.  And I've got an 
apparently-spurious "you've opened file descriptors" warning that I 
haven't been able to track down (even with the example filter), but that 
doesn't seem to have caused any problems aside from the occasional log 

Kelson Vibber
SpeedGate Communications <www.speed.net>

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