Off-Topic - Re: [Mimedefang] Fedora to replace sendmail with Exim as default MTA?

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at
Wed Feb 23 11:08:05 EST 2005

> And that's the key point to remember, it's a religeous argument. You can't
> those no matter how much logic and fact you might present to argue your

I would like to say that I have successfully converted/convinced more than a
few people of the values of Sendmail and Perl through showing them the cool
stuff you can do with MD.

I love seeing the people who start thinking of things they can do to email
with Perl/Sendmail/MD.  Come to think of it, I should find a jive filter and
auto-attach a jive translation of all emails to every email.  Sure enough, a
quick web search and voila!

The disclaimers alone would be priceless:
Communicashuns on o' drough University College London's clunker systems may
be monito'ed o' reco'ded t'secure effective system opuh'shun and fo' oda'
lawful purposes. Unless oderwise agreed 'espressly in writin' by an offica'
of University College London, dis communicashun be to be treated as
confidential and da damn info'mashun in it may not be used o' disclosed
'sept fo' de purpose fo' which it gots been sent. Man! If ya' gots reason
t'recon' dat ya' is not da damn intended recipient uh dis communicashun,
please contact da damn drowa' immediately. Slap mah fro! No employee o'
agent be audo'ised t'conclude any bindin' agreement on behalf uh UCL wid
anoda' party by e-mail widout 'espress written confirmashun by an offica' of
de College. Employees uh University College London is required not t'make
any defamato'y statements and not t'infrin'e o' audo'ise any infrin'ement uh
copyright o' any oda' legal right by e-mail communicashuns. Any such
communicashun be contrary t'o'ganisashunal policy and outside da damn scope
uh de employment uh de individual concerned. UCL gots'ta not accept any
liability in respect uh such some communicashun, and da damn employee
responsible gots'ta be sucka'ally liable fo' any damages o' oda' liability

Though I am also a sucker for Elmer Fudd:

Communications on ow thwough Univewsity Cowwege Wondon's computew systems
may be monitowed ow wecowded to secuwe effective system opewation and fow
othew wawfuw puwposes. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Unwess othewwise agweed
expwesswy in wwiting by an officew of Univewsity Cowwege Wondon, this
communication is to be tweated as confidentiaw and the infowmation in it may
not be used ow discwosed except fow the puwpose fow which it has been sent.
If you have weason to bewieve that you awe not the intended wecipient of
this communication, pwease contact the sendew immediatewy. No empwoyee ow
agent is authowised to concwude any binding agweement on behawf of UCW wif
anothew pawty by e-maiw without expwess wwitten confiwmation by an officew
of the Cowwege. Empwoyees of Univewsity Cowwege Wondon awe weqwiwed not to
make any defamatowy statements and not to infwinge ow authowise any
infwingement of copywight ow any othew wegaw wight by e-maiw communications.
Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Any such communication is contwawy to owganisationaw
powicy and outside the scope of the empwoyment of the individuaw concewned.
UCW wiww not accept any wiabiwity in wespect of such a communication, and
the empwoyee wesponsibwe wiww be pewsonawwy wiabwe fow any damages ow othew
wiabiwity awising.



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