[Mimedefang] Fedora to replace sendmail with Exim as default MTA?

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Wed Feb 23 10:33:22 EST 2005

Michael Sims wrote:
> I have to admit that I just don't understand all of the anti-Sendmail sentiment I
> see all over various mailing lists and forums such as Slashdot.  Everytime the
> subject comes up there are tons of people saying "the absolute worst thing you can
> do is run Sendmail" or "there's no excuse for running Sendmail because there are
> much better alternatives", etc.  I actually *LIKE* Sendmail.  Maybe it's just due to
> familiarity and comfort, but I have absolutely no interest in using any other MTA.
> Of course MIMEDefang is a big part of that, but it's not all of it.  I think if you
> stick to the mc files and treat the cf files like machine-readable data as opposed
> to human-readable, Sendmail is actually pretty easy to understand.  I'm sure its
> security record could be better, but then again I keep my machines updated and I've
> yet to be hacked via a Sendmail vulnerability.

ditto. I like sendmail too. Stick to the .mc's and life is good. I even edited 
the .cf file back in the day where .mc's didn't exist.

I have yet to be hacked (to my knowledge) as well.

It's so configurable...

> I usually end up staying out of those discussions because I'm not big on religious
> wars but I always feel like I'm just about the only one out there that prefers
> Sendmail to these other MTAs...

And that's the key point to remember, it's a religeous argument. You can't win 
those no matter how much logic and fact you might present to argue your position.


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