[Mimedefang] multiplexor Cannot open bayes databases R/O: tie failed: No such file or director

James Ebright jebright at esisnet.com
Tue Feb 15 10:13:15 EST 2005

What locking mechanism are you using for the spool files? Is it flock? are 
you using any NFS? What version of DB::File do you have installed? tie is the 
routine DB::File uses to open the hashed files, no such file leads me to 
believe you are running the Solaris automounter (evil) or some such?


On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:57:02 -0800, Neil King wrote
> Hello all
> I am running  solaris 9, sendmail-8.13.3, mimedefang-2.51,
> Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.2, clamav-0.82.
> I am getting the random error:
> Feb 14 14:58:19 gateway_hjw mimedefang-multiplexor[260]: [ID 980602
> mail.info] Slave 1 stderr: Cannot open bayes databases
> /var/spool/MD-Bayes/bayes_* R/O: tie failed: No such file or director.
> The data base files are present at /var/spool/MD-Bayes
> -rw-------   1 defang   defang     43728 Feb 14 15:46 bayes_journal
> -rw-------   1 defang   defang    655360 Feb 14 15:20 bayes_seen
> -rw-------   1 defang   defang   5038080 Feb 14 15:20 bayes_toks
> Does anyone have suggestions on how to eliminate this error that just
> seems to come and go.
> I saw one other listing in the archives for this type of 
> configuration with no real solution.

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