[Mimedefang] Setting subject scoring

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Wed Aug 31 22:52:29 EDT 2005

On Jan 21, 12:47pm, "Ashley M. Kirchner" wrote:
} John Nemeth wrote:
} >     Not really.  You should just whitelist the sender.
}     I can't.  CareerBuilder sends e-mails out as the actual poster, so 
} it can be just about anyone posting.

     Then you probably want to whitelist the relay.  Looking at the
SpamAssassin docs for 3.0.4 the closest I can find to doing this is:

trusted_networks <ip address>

You can have more then one line and you can use netmasks.

     Another option would be to have something like:

if ($Relay eq /<ip address>) {
   /* skip spamassassin */

in your filter right before you call spamassassin.

}-- End of excerpt from "Ashley M. Kirchner"

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