[Mimedefang] Setting subject scoring

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Wed Aug 31 19:20:21 EDT 2005

On Jan 21, 11:43am, "Ashley M. Kirchner" wrote:
}     In my sa-mimedefang.cf I have the following lines at the bottom:
}     -----
}     header CB subject =~ /CareerBuilder/i                        
}     score CB -100.0          
}     describe CB CareerBuilder
}     -----
}     Two questions:
}        a) ideally I want to scan for the full string, which is
}           'CareerBuilder Job Application (#####)'  where ##### is a
}           bunch of numbers they use.  Not sure how to accomplish that.
}        b) Is this the correct way to even approach this, and allow
}           these messages to come through without getting tagged as spam
}           (which some are right now.)

     Not really.  You should just whitelist the sender.

}-- End of excerpt from "Ashley M. Kirchner"

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