[Mimedefang] Re: mimedefang warningmessage in syslog

Dirk the Daring dirk at psicorps.org
Mon Aug 29 18:37:14 EDT 2005

>fredrik.pettai at vattenfall.com wrote:
>> I'm a little bit confused why i suddenly recieves a new WARNING
>> message in syslog, every time i restart mimedefang.
>On Solaris, you can ignore that message.  Something in the Solaris C
>library opens a descriptor when DNS lookups are initialized.  It seems
>to work fine, though.

   I can confirm this. I'm running MD v2.52 on Solaris 8 with Perl 5.8.6
and SA v3.03 and I see this message when MD starts. A Google search
found a message on this topic - can't remember if it was this list or
elsewhere - and the basic response was the same: it can be safely
ignored on Solaris.


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