[Mimedefang] Spam with more than one recipient - reject or not?

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Wed Aug 17 14:18:16 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 10:58, Matthew.van.Eerde at hbinc.com wrote:

> >> But that's a big no-no. Once you do that, you have effectively
> >> accepted the smtp transaction. So you cannot 'bounce' and the only
> >> way to notify sender is by mail, which should be avoided at all cost.
> > 
> > This is the same situation you have if a forwarding relay is
> > involved and one or more almost certainly already is for all
> > real non-local mail.  If a sender is really going to be notified,
> > a bounce message has to be constructed and mailed whether you
> > do it or the previous relay does it.
> This depends entirely on your local mail topology.  If MIMEDefang is
> running on your MX hosts, there is a real social cost associated with
> stream-by-recipient. 

But this is the nearly the same cost that you would be pushing to
the sending relay if you choose not to accept at the MX receiver. 

> If MIMEDefang is running on an internal SMTP hub, then you've
> already accepted the mail anyway at your perimeter servers, and
> that cost goes away. 

In that case the cost is already yours - as perhaps it should be
if you are the one deciding not to accept but that the sender
should be notified.

  Les Mikesell
    les at futuresource.com

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