[Mimedefang] Do not use Clam AV < version 8.0 --Wrong!

James Curtis mimedefang at jameswcurtis.com
Sun Nov 7 06:22:21 EST 2004

Entry from my freshclam.log

ClamAV update process started at Sat Nov  6 21:00:00 2004
main.cvd is up to date (version: 27, sigs: 23982, f-level: 2, builder:
daily.cvd is up to date (version: 575, sigs: 2302, f-level: 3, builder:
WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED - please update immediately !
WARNING: Current functionality level = 2, required = 3

This was the WARNING, even though I only checked once an hour, and I
was on version 7.0.  Didn't know what was required for functionality level
but I was sure that I wanted it.

> I was an abuser in their eyes, I would check it 4-5 times a
> day. Have modified it to check every 53 minutes... Sorry guys! Will work
> upgrading when I get my head above water.
> And James, although your email seemed to be a bushism (Scare tactic), I do
> appreciate you bringing this to our attention!!

as for the bushism comment, I really did mis-understand what was being
stated, and
during my upgrade I was still confused as to whether the old version had the
option available to them.  I guess I could have flip-floped and said "Yeah I
know I'm out
of date, but I will upgrade when I get my head above water".  But I decided
to make a
decision that I thought was right (upgrade to new version), let it be known
(post to
mimedefang list), and follow through (actually perform the upgradeI had
decided to do).

All politics aside, I very rarely check any lists except the MIME Defang
list, and hadn't heard
anything about the update to clamav like I did when 6.5 came out so I really
thought I was
providing a service.

James William (Bill) Curtis
Child of God, not politicians

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