[Mimedefang] Do not use Clam AV < version 8.0 --Wrong!

Tory Blue tmblue at responsys.com
Sun Nov 7 00:25:34 EST 2004

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From: James Curtis [mailto:mimedefang at jameswcurtis.com] 
They are going to start blacklisting anyone from updating their A/V database
if they are using older versions of the software.  They are also requiring a
freshclam.conf modification that is disabled by default.

Ummm, that's not what it says, it says if your abusing the system they will
blacklist you. Meaning that if you continue using the older version and not
use the DNSquery option and are checking the system each hour or less, then
you're an abuse and need to set your system up to check every 3-53 minutes..

But I guess upgrading is probably a smart move, but again if your not
abusing their systems, you will not be blacklisted..  I'm checking my cron
right now and.. I was an abuser in their eyes, I would check it 4-5 times a
day. Have modified it to check every 53 minutes... Sorry guys! Will work on
upgrading when I get my head above water.

And James, although your email seemed to be a bushism (Scare tactic), I do
appreciate you bringing this to our attention!!


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