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Button, Shawn sbutton at dtjboulder.com
Tue Nov 2 12:07:43 EST 2004

I bumped the 3 timeouts up to 15 minutes and it appears, just at a
cursory examination, to now have more time outs (about 8 per hour versus
about 4 per hour previously). We are going step by step cleaning up spam
assassin rules, removing any alternate SA cf files, testing with
spamassassin --lint, etc.

The crux of this issue appeared only after we upgraded to SA 3.0 and it
implemented bayes. 

We are examining our mimedefang filter...the test option shows that it
is appears ok. 

For some reason mail is still being rejected when the filter times
out...is there a way to allow the mail through instead of rejecting it
if the filter times out? We removed the F=T flag in the mc but this
didn't seem to help. It would at least buy us some time to hunt this
down more.

We upgraded 2 weeks ago to the latest NAI sigs and the problem appeared
to go away. After upgrading last week and this week the problem has
seemed to reappear. Whether or not there is a correlation we have been
unable to determine.



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On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> It depends on how large messages you are accepting.  If you set limit
> say 1 or 10MB, than 15 minutes is way too much.

I don't think so.

If you plot scan times on a busy server, you'll see that most are
quite short, but there are a small (but significant) number of
outliers that can take a very long time to scan -- even for relatively
small messages.  It drives me crazy :-), but we see it on our server.
I think SpamAssassin's massive amount of regexp manipulation is very
sensitive to the actual data it scans; the regexp execution time seems
almost non-deterministic.


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