[Mimedefang] $DOMAIN or it's equivilent?

Bill Curtis mimedefang at jameswcurtis.com
Tue Nov 25 17:10:59 EST 2003

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>> I am filtering e-mail for several different domains.  Is there a $DOMAIN
>> variable or something similar.  I want to be able to graph-defang with
>> reports available on a per/domain basis.
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> Bill,
> To get the numbers you want, you might consider doing what I do, using
> just
> native sendmail.  In my sendmail.mc file, I copied/pasted/renamed my esmtp
> "mailer" definition, which for sendmail 8.12.10 looks like this (be aware
> of
> possible screen-wrap)

I am wanting to offer access to the domain specific statistics to the
domain administrator viewing via the web.  Thanks for the cool tool on the
mailstats, I compiled sendmail with it when I installed, but I've never
gotten around to figuring out how to use it.  The only problem I have is
in my sendmail.mc file (stock redhat sendmail.mc)the only thing refrencing
mailer is:

No other description in mine.  output is this:
Statistics from Tue Nov 25 07:50:25 2003
 M   msgsfr  bytes_from   msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis  Mailer
 4       39        290K        0          0K        0       0  esmtp
 9        1          5K       40        372K        0       0  local
 T       40        295K       40        372K        0       0
 C       41                    0                    0

Is the rest of your definiton something you added, or are you talking
about the sendmail.cf file?

Bill Curtis

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