OT: Per domain mail stats (was Re: [Mimedefang] $DOMAIN or it's equivilent?)

Tim Pushor timp at crossthread.com
Tue Nov 25 12:24:46 EST 2003


I am going to have to add that into my bag of sendmail tricks. Thanks 
for sharing. Thats good stuff.

Although I do find it odd that everyone (myself included at times) 
claims sendmail to be so flexible (after all, thats our justification 
for its steep learning curve) but we need to resort to trickery 
sometimes to perform simple tasks.

If I only had a nickel every time I considered writing my own SMTP MTA - 
I'd have at least $0.25.


Cormack, Ken wrote:

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>Subject: [Mimedefang] $DOMAIN or it's equivilent?
>>I am filtering e-mail for several different domains.  Is there a $DOMAIN
>>variable or something similar.  I want to be able to graph-defang with
>>reports available on a per/domain basis.
-Whizzy stuff about collecting per domain stats snipped-

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