[Mimedefang] OT: Validing email address in Exchange

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Mon Nov 24 19:03:22 EST 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Graham Dunn wrote:

> Here's a perl script that works in the shell, but I don't have the
> time right now to integrate it into being run from mimedefang. If
> anyone wants to help out by adjusting the "die" messages ( I vaguely
> remember David saying something about how they were a no-no in
> slaves), or telling me where my perl is brutally inefficient, please
> do.

To integrate into MIMEDefang, wrap it into a function you can call
from filter_recipient, and replace the die() calls to:

	return ('TEMPFAIL', "Description of LDAP problem");


	return ('TEMPFAIL', "Unable to bind to LDAP server: $!");

(I'm not sure if "$!" is what's needed; maybe some kind of
$ldap_result->error() thing instead.)



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