[Mimedefang] Almost OT: AT&T patents anti-antispam technology

Dave Williss dwilliss at microimages.com
Thu Nov 20 11:35:45 EST 2003

The subject already said "anti-antispam" , so it was correct.

I think this is either very good or very bad depending on how they
intend to use it.  If they intend to really use it to get around Spam
filters, that's bad. 

However, if they target spammers who use this technique and go
after them for patent infringement, that's good.

Of course, this is AT&T.  On one hand they're an ISP for whom
Spam costs a lot of money.  On the other hand, I can just see some
Pointy-Haired Boss realizing that they could license this technology
to spammers and make money.  Nothing against AT&T, but every
big company has at least one clueless PHB who would think that
would be a good idea.

Dave Williss

P.S. If you don't understand the PHB reference, see www.dilbert.com.
    I don't know how international the reference is.

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> The subject of this thread is wrong.  They are not trying to patent
> "anti-spam" technology.
> They are trying to patent methods to work AROUND anti-spam technologies.
> Call it "anti-anti-spam".

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